What is a Wayzgoose?

A wayzgoose (British; precise origin unknown) is an annual event for printers and publishers that occurs in late fall. Traditionally, it marked the time after which printers could no longer work by daylight, and had to use candles. The master printer would throw a party for his staff, usually an excursion into the countryside, with much feasting and merrymaking.


At Wayzgoose Press, while we rarely dirty our hands with actual ink, we still honor the craft of making books-from authoring to editing to designing to publishing. Our staff are all former industry professionals who are committed to bringing fresh new genre fiction and literary non-fiction to the reading public.


Read Hunting the Wayzgoose

by Dorothy E. Zemach, Senior Editor, Wayzgoose Press


Wayzgoose for Coventry printers at Stonebridge, circa 1907.
From a photograph by O.W. Barry.



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