New for 2016: This 28-day devotional offers reflections and hope for the Advent season–or any time ywalking-into-the-light-webou want to take a 4-week ‘pilgrimage’ to renew your faith and find your path. Author, educator, and teacher trainer Chuck Sandy shares his insights from walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain that you can apply to your own spiritual and personal journey. Available in ebook, color paperback, and black and white paperback. Click to see a full list of retailers.

What is a wayzgoose?

A wayzgoose (British; precise origin unknown) is an annual event for printers and publishers that occurs in late fall. Traditionally, it marked the time after which printers could no longer work by daylight, and had to use candles. The master printer would throw a party for his staff, usually an excursion into the countryside, with much feasting and merrymaking.

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