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Countdown To Death

Ten strangers are lured to a remote Scottish island at the invitation of a reclusive industrialist. Stranded on Lord Black’s wondrous estate, the disparate guests have more in common than they first realize.

Accused by a mysterious letter of having committed crimes in their past, one by one they are hunted down. But who is the killer? Will any of them live to find out.

A modern retelling of the Agatha Christie classic--with a shocking twist!

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Iain McChesney

Iain-McChesneyMystery author Iain McChesney was born and raised in Scotland. An avid traveler, he has visited six continents and lived on four. He pays the bills with a career in shipping.

His second novel, Countdown to Death, is a modern retelling of an Agatha Christie – a classic whodunit to keep you guessing till the end.

He lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his wife and two children. There may also be a cat or two.


…very well written, even stylish, with some wickedly dark humor, and a few illustrations added in, to put the cherry on the cake. — Julie Whitely, book blogger and reviewer at The Book Review.

* * *

This book is a modern retelling of a classic work, and although they are different enough that they can’t be directly compared–I have to say, that for once, I liked this story better than the original.

One of my favourite things about McChesney’s writing, is the way he blends dark humour into an ordinary scene, making it fun. I like the ironic things that happen to his characters and the way he gets an already quick plot moving even faster with unexpected events.

I couldn’t figure this one out until the very end, and I laughed when I realised that the clues were there all along–but I was so involved with the writing and the characters that I didn’t see what was right in front of me. — Iona Martin, book blogger and reviewer at Readful Things.

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