The Lure of Dangerous Women

Dangerous women aren’t always the ones who carry guns and take down the bad guys. Sometimes, the most dangerous women are the ones we don’t even notice -- the sultry siren crooning in a smoky bar, the innocent young girl twirling in her summer dress, the soft-shoed nurse who helps the comatose.

In this collection, award-winning author Shanna Germain gathers seven of her darkest, lushest fantasy and horror stories about strong, smart women who know that danger is a matter of scale -- and of which side you happen to be standing on.

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Shanna Germain

Shanna-GermainShanna Germain claims the titles of writer, editor, leximaven, girl geek, she-devil, vorpal blonde and Schrodinger’s brat. Her short stories, essays, poems, novellas and more have appeared in hundreds of books and publications, including Best American Erotica, Best Bondage Erotica, Best Erotic Romance, Best Gay Romance, Triangulation, Salon, Storyglossia, and more.


Succumb to the Lure On the surface of it, this is simply another collection of short genre fiction of which there is an embarrassing surfeit. But this book is alive, a breathing, writhing thing that grips you with ever turn of the page, that entices you along like a pied piper. It is not a pleasant ride; it is terrifying and erotic, icy and scalding, messy and precise, all at once. — “Candide’s Garden” Review

“These are stories to be savored, reflected upon and dreamed about, returned to again and again; and always with that same quickening delight of first discovery. Germain’s language is lithe and lyrical, prose ravished by poetry; dark fantasies turned on subtle lathes of light.” — reviewer Terrance Aldon Shaw


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