Thirty Games for Social Change: Critical Thinking for ESL/EFL Classes book cover

Thirty Games for Social Change

English as a Second or Foreign Language, games, and global citizenship education form the perfect combination  for the 21st-century language classroom.

This ground-breaking book unites all three in a practical, classroom-tested series of lessons.

The first section features games that open up discussions for students to get to know each other and discover more about themselves.

The second section provides clearly explained, step-by-step guides for complete games-based lessons designed around themes of global importance, including

  • equality
  • literature
  • gender issues
  • food
  • art
  • social values

and more. The games are flexible in terms of levels and groups, and most require nothing more than pen, paper, and enthusiastic players.

The final game in the book is a special challenge to you and to your students to be, as Gandhi said, the change you want to see in the world.

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Janine Berger

janine-bergerJanine Berger has taught English in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and in Central and South America. She currently teaches English at an Ecuadorian university, plans courses, trains teachers, writes educational books, and designs teaching games. Janine received her masters in social and educational research (MRes) at the University of London, Institute of Education.


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