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ESL/EFL Educational Materials

In our Education section, we present a creative, varied collection of resources for students of English and other foreign languages, including textbooks, graded readers, and self-study guides.

For teachers, we offer professional development resources, collections of classroom activities, and short, affordable guides on how to teach different aspects of English as a second or foreign language.

Books are available in paperback, digital (ebook), and audio. Not all books are available in all formats, however. Check each book page for more information.

What is a Wayzgoose?

A wayzgoose (British; precise origin unknown) is an annual event for printers and publishers that occurs in late fall. Traditionally, it marked the time after which printers could no longer work by daylight, and had to use candles. The master printer would throw a party for his staff, usually an excursion into the countryside, with much feasting and merrymaking.

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