Brea Brown

Libby Foster is 28 years old and never been kissed. Nor has she ever… well, you know. But so what? She has a job, a cat, and an active imagination. And in Libby’s Fantasy World, her love life is perfect.

Enter Jude Weatherington, fresh off the plane from England. While Libby would never dream of talking to him, she does dream of him. Fantasy Jude is refined, romantic, and completely wrapped up in Libby. There’s just one problem: he’s not real.

Real Jude's no slouch, either. He's quirky and clever, and easy to talk to. His strange vocabulary and sexy accent keep things interesting, too. There’s just one problem: he’s not a fantasy.

The more Libby gets to know Real Jude, the more he starts to pull ahead of the fantasy version. But Jude hates secrets. And if he knew the truth about her, it would no longer be a mystery to him—or anyone—why she's still single. He'd run away as fast as he could.

Or maybe not.

A girl can dream, right?

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Quiet, Please!

Brea Brown

Librarian Kendall Dickinson is overdue for a do-over. Unfortunately, she’s clueless about who she really is or who she even wants to be. One thing she’s certain about: she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s back in her small hometown in North Carolina because she failed miserably at her first grown-up job and relationship. When she’s offered a job as a school librarian, surrounded by two of her least favorite things—kids and noise—she reasons, well, how hard can it be?

She’s about to find out. In addition to a precocious, feline-obsessed kindergartner, a walking jukebox of a music teacher, a birdbrained principal, a sardonic secretary, and a fourth grade teacher who missed her calling as a prison warden, the cast of characters at Whitehall Elementary includes a cocky teacher who knows exactly who he is and what he wants from life. Which isn’t this; but family obligations keep him stuck in his second-choice career.

The last thing Kendall needs is a bored man to screw things up for her—again—but he’s a page-turner she just can’t put down. If only she could sort out her feelings and priorities, Kendall might be able to discover the person she’s meant to be. All she needs is a little quiet, please!

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Family Plot

Brea Brown

Whitney Faelhaber is a strong, independent woman. Just ask her, and she’ll tell you. Over and over again. But when her favorite aunt passes away and leaves her Velvet Printing, Whitney’s strength and independence are challenged in unexpected ways.

On paper, it sounds easy—all she needs to do is spend a few weeks in a small town in Maine and put this small business in order so she can return to her career in academia in sophisticated Boston. But the print shop comes with some difficult characters and a crumbling infrastructure, and she keeps crossing paths with the socially awkward yet intriguing (and handsome) guy who works at—of all places—the funeral parlor. To make things odder, it seems he had some sort of connection to her aunt—but nobody wants to talk about exactly what it was; least of all him. And then where is the missing $50,000?

The Family Plot explores connections to work, family, love, life, death, and life again. Because maybe what changes your ability to cope with death is learning how to truly live.

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Plain Jayne

Brea Brown

Jayne Greer wasn’t the looker or the comedian in her family; she was the thinker and the writer. And ultimately, she was the survivor. When a deadly house fire claimed the lives of her parents and sisters just hours after her high school graduation, Jayne was left virtually alone in the world. Writing down her tale of grief began as therapy, but she came to hope the resulting book could lead into the publishing world… and back into life.

If only. Twelve years later, Jayne finds herself in Boston and completely out of her element. Her continual missteps have her ready to scrap her dream and run back to Indianapolis. Her ill-tempered editor wants Jayne to change her book. Who cares how attractive he is? Jayne has no intention of putting up with his arrogance. And even if she were willing (which she’s not), she can’t—she’s suffering the worst case of writer’s block ever. A writer’s retreat in Marblehead is her last hope, but it could cost her the last shred of control she has over her life.

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Brea Brown

Brea Brown's irreverent romantic comedies feature a roster of unlikely yet believable characters that will keep you turning pages late into the night—or laughing in public! She draws her inspiration from the age-inappropriate books she pilfered from her older sisters' bookshelves, her own mishaps, and her overactive imagination. She believes in making her characters work for their dreams, but she's a sucker for a happy ending.

She lives in Springfield, Missouri with her husband and children, whom she considers her own wacky cast of characters.