News from Somewhere: A Reader in Communication and Challenges to Globalization

Daniel Broudy

This interdisciplinary collection of articles, each followed by questions for critical reflection, advances debate over the impact of globalization on the current social world across geographic, political, ideological, cultural, and economic boundaries. Twenty-two authors from nine countries explore globalization in contexts of

  • power and powerlessness;
  • acquiescence and resistance;
  • environmental politics;
  • public education and the branding of knowledge;
  • civil rights and protections; and
  • privacy rights and state surveillance.

This book will serve concerned citizens, students, activists, and researchers in communications, international relations, and post-colonial studies.

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Daniel Broudy

Daniel Broudy works in Japan, studying the socio-cultural significance of signs and symbols as tools of mass persuasion. As a Gen-X'er, he also nurses a fascination with modern poetry and language play as scaffolding techniques for linguistic development. Among the puzzling questions he investigates are, in what novel ways across cultures do humans use signs and symbols to express thought, to conceal, and deceive?