Networking with Facebook: A Guide for Non-Native English Speakers

Dorothy Zemach

You’re already comfortable using Facebook in your native language. But now you’d like to connect to people in other countries, using English. So how exactly do you do that? How can you be both polite and effective?

This concise, practical guide shows you how to make friends with people you don’t already know, encourage more interaction on your own page, post successfully in groups, and more … so you can use Facebook to make the personal and professional connections that will enhance your life and further your social media goals.

Detailed suggestions for what to say and do are included throughout the book, and a special language section at the end gives you useful phrases for a wide variety of situations.

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English For Scammers

Dorothy Zemach & Chuck Sandy


Curious as to why no one has claimed their UK lotto winnings from you?

Why no one wants to call about the box of cash valued at Seven million five hundred thousand Dollars US (7,500,000.00 Dollars)?


If so, this book is for you.

While this book is not written for scammers, its purpose is to help you avoid writing like a scammer and having your business letter wind up in someone's junk mail folder.

English for Scammers analyzes common mistakes, drawn from genuine correspondence, and tells you how to improve your writing so that it is appropriate for standard business letters written in English. Each unit contains exercises and an answer key. A final exam at the end offers a comprehensive review of all topics.

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How to be a Successful MOOC Student

Dorothy Zemach & Maggie Sokolik

MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses – enable students around the world to take university courses online.

This guide, by the instructors of edX’s most successful MOOC in 2013-2014, Principles of Written English (based on both enrollments and rate of completion), advises current and future students how to get the most out of their online study, covering areas such as what types of courses are offered and who offers them, what resources students need, how to register, how to work effectively with other students, how to interact with professors and staff, and how to handle assignments.

This book is suitable for both native and non-native speakers of English, and is applicable to MOOC classes on any subject (and indeed, for just about any type of online study).

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Answers May Vary: Essays on Teaching English as a Second Language

Dorothy Zemach

Twenty-five essays on teaching English as a second language by renowned ELT materials writer and teacher trainer Dorothy Zemach. The wide variety of topics include classroom management, testing and assessment, teaching reading strategies, coping with cheating and plagiarism, teaching visual learners, culture shock, the value of a non-native teacher, and recognizing and overcoming teacher burnout.

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An Introduction to Using Games in the ESL/EFL Classroom: some principles and practical examples

Dorothy Zemach

This short introductory guide to using games in the ESL/EFL classroom gives some guiding principles for creating and selecting which games to use, and then gives three in-depth examples of games you can make for your own classroom, with photos of the games in use and a discussion of adaptations and variations.

While all of the example language is from English-teaching contexts, the games would work equally well to teach other languages.

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Fifty Ways to Practice Writing

Dorothy Zemach

You will learn 50 ways to practice and improve writing - both with pen and paper and typing. By applying these methods, you will write more, write faster, and write more correct and more interesting papers and letters.

You do not need to be living in an English-speaking country or be currently taking an English class to use this book. However, students who are already in a class can also use this book to improve their writing more quickly and easily. You do not need to have English-speaking friends or acquaintances to write to or even any idea of what to write about. This book will provide those ideas.

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Grammar for Indies: A Practical Guide for Fiction Writers

Dorothy Zemach

Coming soon!

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Dorothy Zemach

Dorothy taught English, French, and Japanese for over 18 years in Asia, Africa, and the US. She holds an MA in TESL from the School for International Training in Vermont, USA. An author of over 20 textbooks, she now concentrates on writing and editing English language teaching materials and conducting teacher training workshops. Her areas of specialty and interest are teaching writing, teaching reading, business English, academic English, testing, and humor. She is a frequent plenary speaker at international conferences, and a regular blogger for Teacher Talk at

In 2012, Dorothy launched Wayzgoose Press to publish quality works of fiction and non-fiction.