The Scarlet Cord (The Shibari Series #1)

Eliza Master

The scarlet cord is made of velvet, soft and silky, but Renata’s skin prickles as Erik tightens it around her neck…

Renata Alvarez has come a long way from the orphanage in Brazil to become a respected researcher at biotech giant Agri-Gen. But when Erik, her boss and lover, sends her to visit an experimental farm in Brazil, she finds herself embroiled not only in a modern case of corporate espionage but the secrets of her own past.

In her private life, Renata begins to explore shibari, the Japanese art of sexual bondage. But when her instructor is murdered, she begins to suspect her personal and professional life are tied up in more ways than one.

Can Renata unravel the mystery of the deaths at Agri-Gen without losing her ties to the ones she loves—or even her own life?

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Eliza Master

Eliza Master has been writing since she first griped a crayon. She indulges in deep thinking, pottery, and podcasts. Several magazines have published her stories, and Wayzgoose Press is proud to release her first series of novels. Eliza loves throwing pots and playing with friends, but most of all writing fiction.

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