Case Studies for Business English

Erica J. Williams

Case Studies for Business English is designed for students of Business English in universities and vocational colleges. Studying case studies enables students to develop their analytical skills, critical and strategic thinking, understanding of business theory, business knowledge, and business communication skills. Students also enhance their ability to use and select the correct tool for business communication at the right time. They practice, experiment, get feedback, and gain practical skills. Case Studies for Business English is a course that is engaging, motivating, and pragmatic.

Each unit contains an original case study text, exercises to develop understanding and communication of business tools and strategy, a step-by-step approach to case study analysis and report writing, as well as role plays and tips on developing business communication skills for presentations and meetings. In addition, students can benefit from a full reference step-by-step checklist for case study analysis, a full guide for exam assessment, a section of supplementary case study texts, and an answer key.

CEFR level B2/C1

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Marketing Communications in English

Erica J. Williams

Marketing Communications and the English language are inextricably linked in the onward march towards globalisation. Consumer attitudes towards brands, technologies, and the use of products are evolving, and the industry is consolidating. Global brands have strong consistent brand cultures, which call for unified and cohesive marketing approaches. English is the underpin of these changes, so anyone involved in marketing communications today needs to be able to work wholly or partially in English.

Marketing Communications in English does exactly what it says on the tin. This is the book in Marketing Communications for university students or anyone working in an agency, corporate communications, or marketing department who does not have English as a native language but needs to learn specialist terms and practise work-related tasks in English.

Each chapter introduces theory and the specialist vocabulary of marketing communications with thought provoking case study texts exploring topic areas and consolidating specialist terms. Tasks mirror what happens in the workplace leading from interpretation of the client briefing through to developing a new corporate identity to creating communications strategy for an international brand. Role plays include meetings, negotiations, and pitch presentations specific to the marketing communications industry. Included are an answer key and an additional word bank of professional terms and expressions at the end of each chapter.
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ISBN (use this number to order from your favorite local bookstore): 978-1938757273

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Erica J. Williams

Erica J. Williams has had a long career as a trainer and coach for business English with a special interest in the areas of marketing communications and presentations. She is currently employed as a business English specialist in the Business Studies faculty at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf, Germany and splits her time between Germany and her home in the U.K.

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