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Practical English Grammar for Academic Writers

Kenneth Cranker

Practical English Grammar for Academic Writers is intended for international students who have to write academically in American English.Suitable for undergraduates or graduate students, it aims at enabling writers to produce grammatically correct, well-focused, well-developed writing with academic vocabulary, style, and tone.

This book is compact, yet surprisingly broad in grammatical, lexical, and academic scope, making it ideal for advanced level English for academic purposes or academic transitions reading/writing classes that have to balance academic content with grammar.

This book also includes an answer key, including sample paragraphs for all of the independent writing assignments, allowing for individual, autonomous study.

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Sixty Words or Phrases Commonly Misused by ESL/EFL Students Preparing for Universities

Kenneth Cranker

This book is intended for classroom or individual study for students who need to clean up their grammar at the word level in preparation for university-level academic writing. It presents 60 words or phrases that are frequently problematic for advanced students of English, exposing the errors, explaining them, and providing examples of correct usage. The most important points are summarized as tips, and students have the opportunity to write their own sentences with the expressions.

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Kenneth Cranker

Ken studied biology, concentrating in human nutrition, at Cornell University. It was while working in a biochemical laboratory there that Ken came into contact with international post-doc English, a non-native language, and he was inspired to become an ESL teacher. After obtaining an M.S. in TESOL at SUNY Albany, he taught in Japan for twelve years, nearly half of which were at the university level. After returning to the U.S., he has been teaching primarily English for academic purposes at the University of Delaware English Language Institute, preparing conditionally admitted students for university studies.

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