Creating Activities for Different Learner Types: A Guide for ELT Teachers, Trainers, and Writers

Marjorie Rosenberg

Variety is the spice of life – and the lively classroom! In this practical guide for instructors who create their own teaching materials, IATEFL President Marjorie Rosenberg briefly investigates different learner types/learning preferences found in the classroom and then shows how to create or modify activities to engage a variety of learning styles.

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At last a book that suggests activities for different learner types, from visual and auditory to kinesthetic and analytic learners. This slim volume couldn’t have come out at a better time. Instructors have recently become increasingly aware of the shortcomings of the one-size-fits-all approach and here Marjorie Rosenberg has included wonderful ideas that are tailormade to suit all kinds of learners.

~ Peter Stange, Amazon reviewer

Creating Activities for Different Learner Types…is not your typical resources book filled with one-size-fits-all classroom tasks for ESL learners. More than that, it’s a neatly organized ‘how to’ book especially designed to help teachers and materials writers to unleash their imagination and create their own activities in order to cater for six different learning styles, as the author herself defines this book. Each chapter of this book functions as a building block that leads the reader from identifying different learner types among our students into creating activities and materials that are suitable for the following different learner types: Visual, auditory, kinesthetic emotional, kinesthetic motoric, global, and analytical learners. This is an easy to read book, so it’s suitable for both experienced and beginner ESL teachers and materials writers.

~ Teresa Carvalho, Amazon reviewer


Marjorie Rosenberg

Marjorie Rosenberg has been teaching English as a Foreign Language in Austria since 1981. She is a Lecturer in the Language Department of the University of Graz, works with corporate clients, and has trained teachers throughout Europe and the USA. Her interest in learning styles is the topic of a research project she is carrying out with university students and she has contributed two articles on the subject to publications released by the university. She is also the author of Spotlight on Learning Styles (Delta Publishing 2013) and has led a number of workshops for teachers which introduce them to the concept and give them practical ideas for the classroom. Marjorie has also written school books and business English materials which take learner differences into account and provide a variety of activities aimed at reaching as many learners as possible.