Strategies for Teaching Language, Literature, and Content

Mary Lou McCloskey, Gabriela Kleckova, Janet Orr, and Lydia Stack


Load your English language “teacher backpack” with teacher-tested, research-based strategies to enhance your teaching of English language, literature, and content. As students develop language through such strategies as Conga Line, Carousel, and Word Splash, they are engaged in positive, productive, and effective language learning.

Almost every community today includes students who are new to the English language. Strategies for Teaching English Language, Literature, and Content is designed to prepare teachers of those students to provide motivating, engaging, and enriching classroom experiences. This book includes 51 engaging, teacher-tested, research-based strategies, each designed to be flexibly applied to the objectives of the particular language or content classroom.
Enhanced by lively illustrations and clear graphics, strategies include careful instructions with specific examples, and are organized into five areas:
  • Strategies for New Learners of English
  • Strategies for Building Comprehension
  • Reading Process Strategies
  • Graphic Organizers for Text Structure
  • Vocabulary Exploration

This book is an invaluable for teacher education for pre-service teachers, English language specialists, and content teachers of students learning English.

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Mary Lou McCloskey

Mary Lou McCloskey, who got her start as a teacher of school-age learners, works as Director of Teacher Education and Curriculum Development for Educo in Atlanta; as English for Speakers of Other Languages Specialist for the Global Village Project in Decatur; and teaches English language education at Agnes Scott College. She has written many series for English learners and professional books, chapters, and articles in the field and has worked with teachers, teacher educators, and departments and ministries of education on five continents – including long-term projects in Egypt and Central Europe – as well as 35 US states. She focuses on multiple aspects of education for school-age learners of English in diverse settings.


Gabriela Kleckova

Gabriela Kleckova, a language teacher, university lecturer, teacher trainer, researcher, consultant, materials developer, is based in the English Department, College of Education at the University of Western Bohemia in Plzen, the Czech Republic. In her 20 years in the profession, she has taught a wide range of general English courses as well as ESOL professional courses for pre-service and in-service teachers of various cultural and language backgrounds. Her main research interests include the effectiveness and utility of visual design of ELT materials. She is also interested in materials development, content and language integrated learning (CLIL), and teacher education.

Janet Orr
Lydia Stack