Gift of Diamonds

Roberta Seret

Award-Winning finalist in Romance: Historical, 2021 American Fiction Awards

Seventeen-year-old Mica is an aspiring actress living with her parents in Romania as Nicolae Ceausescu begins his reign of terror. Her parents arecovertly political and influential, which makes them a perfect target for the Secret Police. When they're arrested, Mica flees the country with herfather’s rare—and possibly cursed—diamonds.

With her parents imprisoned, it’s up to Mica to investigate Ceausescu, his business partners, and their plot for nuclear terrorism.

Will revealing the truth to the world finally bring her the peace she seeks?

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Love Odyssey

Roberta Seret

Award-Winning finalist in Romance: Historical, 2021 American Fiction Awards

Escaping communist Romania, activist and doctor Anca Rodescu is dismayed to discover she has been abandoned, pregnant and alone in America, by the man she loves. Years later, at the height of the Ceausescu dictatorship, change is coming to Romania, and Anca is receiving messages from her past that draw her back to Transylvania.

This is a story of love and forgiveness in war-torn Romania, and a portrait of communism and the people who are trapped within it.

The prose is not just crisp and gorgeous, it has a beauty of its own. —Readers’ Favorite

Treasure Seekers

Roberta Seret

In this final installment of the Transylvanian Trilogy, childhood friends Marina and Cristina become amateur investigators, traveling from New York City and Paris to Istanbul to learn more about a web of crime among the countries’ leaders. Romanian leader Ceausescu had traveled to Tehran three days before he was executed on Christmas day, 1989, with suitcases filled with gold—gold that was never found. In their travels, the women risk their lives but deepen their friendship.

Treasure Seekers explodes with crime, passion, and a love story for the ages. But above all, it is about uncovering political truths.

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A Reader’s Guide to the Transylvanian Trilogy
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Roberta Seret, Ph.D.

Roberta Seret, Ph.D. is the founder and executive director of the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) at United Nations, International Cinema Education Organization and the Director of ESL and Film for the Hospitality Committee of the United Nations. She is an adjunct instructor at New York University in English and has published various articles in film review for the Journal of International Criminal Justice and Oxford University Press. Her work in the United Nations Global Classroom has been praised by various influential Americans, including Michelle Obama, Mike Bloomberg, and Caroline Kennedy. The Transylvanian Trilogy is her first fiction series. She resides in New York City with her husband, and has two sons. Learn more about the Transylvanian Trilogy at and connect with Seret on Facebook.