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Fifty Ways to Be a Better Teacher

Whether you’re just starting out, a mid-career teacher, or a seasoned veteran of the classroom, you can find ways to make your teaching more effective and require less effort. 50 Ways to Be a Better Teacher offers humanistic advice to nurture the teacher’s soul while improving your professional performance.

The examples are drawn from the author’s experience teaching English as a Second Language, but the advice is applicable to anyone in the classroom.

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Chris Mares

Chris-MaresChris Mares is a teacher, teacher trainer, and writer. He currently directs the Intensive English Institute at the University of Maine in the USA. He is an avid writer, reader, cook, and outdoorsman who likes nothing better than a long walk in the woods of Maine with his dog. He has lived and worked in England, Japan, France, and Israel.


Good (language) teaching is all about conveying passion, motivating students, listening, questioning and being wise, responsive and responsible. In his book, Chris Mares provides insightful suggestions for creating effective learning communities to novice and veteran teachers alike. It is not so much a book about teaching methods, but more a meditation on the craft of inspirational language teaching, which creates trust between the teacher and learner. — G.H. Alden, Amazon reviewer

This practical book is a must-have for all educators yearning to deliver meaningful education through a holistic approach. Whether you are simply looking for new engaging activities to implement in your classroom or searching for deep intrinsic explorations to reignite your passion for teaching, this book has the answers. Reflective of his easy-going, down-to-earth persona, Chris’s casual style of writing makes this piece of enlightening literature extremely easy-to-read and navigate. He shows that teaching should be an exploratory adventure of our very selves, not a monotonous job done robotically for a means to an end. This is because there is no end in teaching just as there is no end in learning. After reading 50 Ways to Become a Better Teacher, I remembered that the reason why I initially entered the profession of education was not so much because I wanted to teach but because it was an opportunity to continuously learn and grow. Enjoy! — Vincent Liu, Amazon reviewer

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