Humans in Space (Big Ideas Intermediate)

Will humans ever live in space? Actually, if you are a college student, a human has lived in space every day of your life. Our tools right now give us close-up looks at places beyond the Earth.

This book tells the true stories of the human adventure in space. Reading their histories and thoughts will help you experience the excitement, beauty, and joy of space exploration. Learn about the first humans to walk on the Moon, the ones who almost did not come back, and our long, strange relationship with Mars.

Humans in Space is a must-read for English learners with an interest in the great adventure of traveling among the stars.

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Martin Hajovsky

Martin Hajovsky grew up in “Space City” Houston, Texas. He still remembers staring at the Moon as a boy during the Apollo 16 mission. He thought he almost, but not quite, saw people walking around up there.






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