Walking into the Light

A Devotional for 28 Days of Reflection and Change

Not every pilgrimage requires travel. Some pilgrimages, like this one, can be embarked on without going very far from home. Whether a pilgrimage involves walking the Camino, preparing for Advent, or consciously marking off a period of time to make some changes in your life, what every pilgrim knows is that change does not come easily and rarely happens all at once.

We don’t change by suddenly deciding to change. We change in small ways when we daily open ourselves to the possibility that we too could be made anew. With this in mind, we pay attention. We keep our eyes and ears open for direction and our hearts open to the possibility of wonder and miracle. And when things go wrong, as they always do, we rejoice and give thanks anyway. These are what every pilgrim practices and what this book will, step by step, guide you through.

Walking into the Light is a 28-day pilgrimage that takes us through dark times with the promise of light ahead. Each day on this journey, we’ll be on the lookout for ways to better live our lives in ways which might invite the Divine to shine through. We’ll also be listening for calling, staying open to wonder, and experimenting with practices for traveling light and keeping it holy.

Through photos, stories, practices, and suggested readings, you’ll be guided along in a way that sets you free to explore and find your own Way through. Some days it will all come together. Other days it won’t. We expect this. Though we’re headed towards mountaintops, we’re ready for the valleys. Though we long to walk in the light right now, we’re ready for the dark nights we’ll surely encounter.

That’s the pilgrim life. Every day a new beginning. Blessings always and already on the way.

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Chuck Sandy

comp16Chuck Sandy is a writer, teacher, motivational speaker, educational activist, and pilgrim. In 2014, he walked the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route across northern Spain, and since then has been working to build pilgrim practices into his daily devotional life and everyday habits.

He’s also the founder of EdYOUfest, which reconnects what’s inseparable by bringing communities of teachers and learners, doers, makers, and creators together in beautiful settings around the world for collaborative days of idea ignition; and a director of The International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi), which aims to better the world by helping teachers around the world become better educators. Chuck blogs on education, motivation, leadership, spirituality, and compassion for EFL Magazine and the iTDi Blog.

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