Urban Legends (Great Stories High Beginner)

David Bohlke

“This is a true story! It happened to a friend of a friend of mine …”

Do you know the story of the silver hook? The mysterious hitchhiker? The babysitter who gets some troubling phone calls? How about the story of Hanako-san, a Japanese schoolgirl who some say appears in school bathrooms? These are all examples of urban legends: creepy stories that people have told – and retold – to their friends.

Urban Legends features 16 scary stories. Some seem like they really happened. Others have a supernatural element to them. All are easy to read and enjoy, with simple grammar and vocabulary.

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David Bohlke

David Bohlke is an ELT author, editor, trainer, and consultant with 35 years of expertise in creating market-driven materials for both global and local publishers.

He has commissioned, edited, and written some of the world’s top-selling courses and skills texts for the adult, secondary, and academic English markets, including Four Corners, Interchange, and Final Draft (Cambridge University Press), Keynote, Time Zones, and Reading Explorer (National Geographic Learning), Skillful and Starting Point (Macmillan), Next Generation Grammar and Listening Power (Pearson), and Speak Now (Oxford University Press).

David is a popular teacher trainer who has presented in more than three dozen countries in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific.