Fifty Ways to Teach Life Skills

Emily Bryson

As teachers, we want to see our students succeed. Supporting them to acquire life skills is one of the more effective ways to do so. This book provides fifty inspiring, practical tips and activities to enhance students’ social, academic, critical thinking, digital, and work skills to help them become their best selves. It is a quick and essential guide for any busy teacher.

This guide is simple, supports all levels of learners, and many of the activities require little or no preparation or special materials. Each activity assists students to improve their speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation skills while also practising their broader skills for life.

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Emily Bryson

Emily Bryson is an ELT materials writer, teacher trainer and ESOL Lecturer. She has written digital and print materials for a number of publishers including Macmillan Education, the British Council, and Language Fuel. She has been teaching ESOL at City of Glasgow College since 2007 and in that time has gained experience teaching all levels and developed a wide range of ESOL for Vocational Purposes courses. She believes that incorporating life skills into the curriculum is crucial for student success and is always looking for innovative ways to do so.