Teaching With Zoom 2: An Advanced Users Guide

José Domingo Cruz

While the world of education moves toward the end of the crisis brought forth in 2020, we should recognize all the opportunities that remote education can bring us. To fully engage those opportunities, we need to learn more about the tools we use.

As you were teaching your online classes, you were probably considering things like, How can I choose a good microphone? How can I stop students from interrupting each other? How can I best exploit breakout rooms? How can I use Zoom for pre-recording presentations? You’ll also find out more about important areas like Zoom’s screen sharing system, important security measures, coping with Zoom fatigue, and using Zoom for academic conferences.

Most of us learned enough about Zoom to get us through our classes, but Zoom is capable of much more. This second book of the Teaching With Zoom series discusses best practices, supplementary hardware and software choices, and tips to make your Zoom classroom safer, more productive, and more enjoyable.

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José Domingo Cruz

José has been working for over 30 years in English education in both Canada and Japan. He is the creator of goldfish365.com, a website for fluency training and authentic language study. He’s a leading member of Online Teaching Japan, and his work there in the early days of the pandemic leading professional development seminars for emergency remote teaching earned him a reputation as someone who knows a few things about Zoom. His research interests include fluency instruction, authentic language, and online pedagogy.